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This is your story. We’re here to help you tell that story and document it for the future. Every piece is different and therefore every piece has a different look and length. Here’s the process we go through to create the finished product:

1. Phone Consultation

We discuss with you the story ideas you may have and the various ways we can carry them out. We’ll find out the materials you have to include in the project. We’ll then send you a contract that shows exactly what the cost and process will be for you to sign off on. We’ll then have a second consultation to discuss the interviews and possible question ideas for the interviews.

2. Record Interviews

We’ll arrive at your location with video equipment and some lighting equipment and tape your interview(s) on digital video based on what we worked out in the preliminary phone conversations.

3. Production

We’ll edit your piece using your interview(s), photographs and other material you’ve provided and we’ll also include music and titles. The length is up to you and is determined ahead of time (usually depending on the length of the interviews).

4. Review

You’ll receive a copy of the finished piece and make any final changes. If changes are required that were not included in the original contract, additional charges may apply. You’ll also receive the final artwork of the packaging for approval.

6. Delivery

We create the DVD, make the number of copies needed and deliver to you.

Estimated Production and delivery is 4 - 6 weeks.

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